Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Have you ever had the desire to kill someone? Not actually pull the trigger and usher some dumb ass to a dirt nap, but have you ever really wanted to not see or hear from someone again, EVER!

I have. About twice a week. That's how often I get to hear the boom, boom, boom from this fucking moron who parks his car in front of my office while he uses the ATM. I can hear him coming minutes before he pulls into the parking lot and when he gets to the parking lot, he jumps out leaving the car running and the bass blasting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an grumpy old man complaining about "those damn kids". I like my music loud and when I'm alone in the car, which is often, I try to have it loud enough so not to hear my own singing. If you have ever heard me sing, and I know you haven't, you would appreciate the gesture.

BUT this guy....

First of all the car is a complete piece of shit. It's green with rusty highlights. Granted he has pimped the ride a little with chrome hubs and custom tinted windows, but it's still a piece of shit rusty green domestic car with air bubbles in the window tint. Second, the subs he's using must have been home made and installed personally. I have never heard anything so bad. Why the hell draw that kind of attention to yourself in this car. And third, well there isn't a third of all, the first two say it all.

I think the next time I'm going to get Zaphod on his ass and steal his piece of shit stereo on wheels. But then I'd have to drive in it. Hmmm, apparently this is going to take some thought.


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