Friday, September 30, 2005

Always look on the bright side of life....

I think I may have mentioned on occasion that I love coffee. I don't drink nearly as much of it as I did earlier in the year, what with being told I may have stomach cancer only to find out the enormous volume of coffee I was drinking was striping the lining off my gut. But that's another story. Anyway, there is still nothing like a hot cup of really fresh, really good coffee. Every morning I grind the beans to make the coffee, and the beans too come from a coffee bean monger at the market who roasts the beans daily. FRESH, that's the key to a good cup of coffee and It's well worth the effort.

This morning I remembered what I think was the best coffee I have ever had. I had it on a frozen lake in Northern Ontario in minus 40 degree weather during my first ice fishing trip with Retro Boy and Eddie. I have no idea what the wind chill was. Hell, it was minus 40 to begin with, how much colder can it get?

So after about a hour standing, back against the wind wondering what the hell I was doing, wishing I still had some Scotch in my flask, out of the ice fishing hut comes Eddie, cups of coffee in his hands. "I didn't know there was a coffee maker in the hut" I exclaim. "It's instant!" answered Eddie with a smile. Oh well, I thought. It's hot. And has non-dairy creamer in it. I drink my coffee black. Oh well, I thought again. It's hot.

I remember taking the first sip with more than a bit of trepidation. Was the fact that this milky-brown liquid was hot, enough to satisfy the coffee snob in me? Would its maker get mad at me if I used it to melt the ice forming over my the ice? I raised the twenty year old travel mug to my mouth and took an insignificant sip. As soon as the liquid hit my lips my taste buds began to explode. It was fantastic. I starting breathing in huge amounts of the milky brown liquid and before long the mug was empty. I looked over a Retro Boy, perhaps he was too proud to drink instant, unknowing of the ambrosia it was. Nope. Gone. I walked over to him and before I had a chance to say anything he said in as much amazement as I was feeling that it was the best coffee he had ever had.

This got me thinking. How could a cup of year old instant coffee with artificial whitener possibly taste better than a fresh cup of $22 a pound, Ethiopian Java Supremo? Perhaps it had something to do with the environment. That's the answer. It must be. Let's look at the facts:

  • Won over $200 a the casino the night before and blow all the money on a great meal and a lot of beers at a little pub in Huntsville.
  • Drank nearly two thirds of a bottle of 18 year old MacCallan.
  • Slept in till about 10:00 am and woke up without a hangover. See above.
  • Found a great little greasy spoon for breakfast (no signage on the place, must be word of mouth only): Three eggs, six sausages, home fries, and home made beans, two pieces of toast and a coffee - $4.25. I dropped a twenty and covered the meal for the three of us and a $7.25 tip for the waitress.
  • Dressed in about ten layers of cloths, clamored onto the back of a snow mobile a rode out across a frozen lake in minus 40 degree temperature.
Ah, this is where my theory kind of falls apart. Or does it?

Now if I had that coffee after the steak and lobster diner I had the night before, it likely would have ruined the entire meal, well, except for the garlic butter on the mashed potatoes! That was awesome. So I'm thinking that a little of a good thing when you're surrounded by discomfort makes that thing extraordinary.

To further make my point I refer to a commercial about donating your old eyeware to Lens Crafters so they can send them to third world children. It was a while ago, but I'll always remember it. They show this little boy, about 10 years old wearing glasses obviously donated by an old lady. Even though he's wearing big round lenses, tortoise shell frames, he's beaming with pride. He's smiling from ear to ear because for the first time he can see.

Proves my theory don't you think? So if your life's a piece of shit, when you look at it, to get some joy you don't need to go out and get something huge, because a little thing is all you need to make you life better. And it's a lot easier to find a little thing!


At October 2, 2005 at 12:01 PM, Blogger Rachel - Wicked Ink said...

I am not quite as coffee pretentious, but I do enjoy my freshly roasted, freshly ground beans. Honestly, the best coffee I drink is camping with my dad, boiled over a hot fire, a little salt to cut the bitterness, and if its really nippy out - a slug of scotch.

I see you got 'spammed'. By a MILF no less.

At October 3, 2005 at 8:27 PM, Blogger Kevin Jackson said...

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At November 7, 2005 at 4:42 PM, Blogger Hoodia said...

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