Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You know when I think of "self serve" I.....wink, wink!

A lot has been said about the rising price of gasoline and clearly a lot more should be said. Unfortunately most of what is being said is stupid shit like "the government should call an inquiry...", "the government should lower taxes on gas...", "the government should fix prices...". While I agree prices are high, any fool can see that, I do not agree with the solutions I have heard most so many people. The way I see it the price of oil is a key determinant of the price of gas. The price of oil is determined by international supply and demand, and international demand is only going in one direction, same as here.

Besides, judging by the number of SUV's, cars with big V8's, the fact that everyone has forgotten how to walk*, and that all the gas stations have spent the money to outfit their signs to accommodate the increase, gas prices are never going down.

If I could only get my van to drive on bullshit and stupidity.

* my neighbour drives her dogs to the park in their SUV to take them for a walk. It's a thirty minute round trip on foot.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Not so PC

To say that my client base includes a diverse cross section of Canada's social economic strata would be a wee bit of an understatement. Anyway, it is often difficult to pigeon hole people into these sections. For instance, one of my wealthiest clients is the most foul-mouthed sexists I have ever met, but given his personal wealth you'd expect him to be...well a hell of a lot more refined.

I just happened to be sitting with this client this morning. We had been talking about the current market conditions and the state of the economy as he saw it, mostly it's him talking at lenght about something I had read months ago, when a young woman pushing a "buggy" walked by the office. He stopped the conversation dead, turned to me and asked if I knew what the was. Curious as to what he would come up with I said no. "that's a yummy mummy" he exclaimed. (Actually, I knew the young woman and she was actually a yummy babysitter, but knowing that would have really set him off.) He then proceeded to explain to me the difference between a yummy mummy, a soccer mom and MILF (Mom I'd like to F..K).

Yummy Mummy: a hottie mom with a baby or toddler.

Soccer Mom: a hottie mom with kids 6-11

MILF: Stifler's Mom from American Pie. A hottie mom with teenage kids.

So there you have it in case you ever wondered. I need a drink and it's only 10:30!