Friday, May 06, 2005

Life, don't talk to me about life!

All my life I have had a problem with follow-through. It's not that I have no ambition, or determination, it's just that once I know I can do something, and do it well, there is no fun in it anymore. I get bored!

My career for example. I own a financial services company. I sell investments and insurance and do financial planning. Last year I made a lot of money for my shareholders, didn't work all that hard and yet by year end I was starting to get bored! I started looking for a new challenge which is why I started to build a new political party. It's a thrill of the hunt kind of thing I guess.

It's wired, but I seem to almost regret success and believe me I know success because I also know failure and you cannot know one without the other.

There are a few things that I never seem to get bored of though. Being a husband and father for one. Doesn't seem like you can ever really do either well enough . Especially the father part. Man kids are killer!

I don't get bored of cooking either, in fact I had thought about the culinary arts as a career. There was only one reason I didn't. Money. Looking back I was such a fool, but at the time it made sense. Too much work and not enough money. Now I have enough money and lots of time and sit here in my office wondering what I am going to make for dinner.